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Car elevators and platforms

Automobile elevators (QHV) and platforms (ECH) manufactured by the global leader Hidral are the
perfect solution for residential buildings, office buildings and parking garages. They allow for
vertical transportation of vehicles with the passengers on board, ensuring safe and reliable travel.
These facilities are ideal for space optimization in buildings lacking the space for an access ramp.

Freight platforms

The freight platforms manufactured by the global leader Hidral are perfect for all industrial
buildings, factories, warehouses, stores and other industrial and commercial spaces, allowing the transportation of loads with or without an attendant. We offer various models with a freight capacity of 100 kg to 6000 kg, manufactured according to a machinery directive.

Kitchen elevators

The kitchen platforms by German manufacturer BKG can be used not just for food but also as compact freight elevators in shops, kindergartens and anywhere else they are needed. They are designed with a speed of 0.45 m/s and freight capacity of 50 kg to 300 kg.

Parking systems

The parking systems on offer can be installed in family homes, large residential buildings, office buildings, hotels and other spaces with a particular need for space optimization. We offer various models to meet the scope and requirements of the clients: from two-level dependent parking systems to complex automated solutions.

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