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Uniken is the exclusive representative of Orona and the market leader for import, installation and service of any equipment for vertical transport of the world's leading manufacturers. When you move into a new residential or office building, there is a very good chance that you will go up to the selected floor with an elevator that we have supplied, installed and maintained at the most high level. When shopping in a shopping center, when traveling with the Sofia Metro, when you visit cultural centers in the biggest Bulgarian cities... the list continues.

ескалатори и асансьори в метростанция НДК, линия 3, доставени и монтирани от Uniken
Метро станция НДК, линия 3

But life is not all about business.

At Uniken, we believe that a large company has a responsibility to society, the state and especially to people. And when we take people to a higher level and help everyone to enjoy better access to where they want to go, we don't just do it literally and physically.

Social responsibility at a higher level

Over the years, we have helped many organizations - with delivery, installation and service of elevators and other equipment for vertical transport, with financial means and any assistance. We are proud to call them not partners, but friends and loved ones, because we have shared our path with them and continue to share it. Some of them (but not all) are the Iskam Bebe Foundation, Karin Dom Foundation, For Our Children Foundation, Nadezhda Hospital, City Clinic Hospital and MBAL St. Sofia.

МБАЛ Св. София с асансьори доставени от Uniken
МБАЛ Св. София

We work with the University of Architecture, Civil Eng. and Geodesy, as well as with the Henry Ford School of Transportation and Energy. We have sponsored festivals and concerts with classical and pop music, theatrical productions, qualifications for world dance competitions and a team from the rally championship of Bulgaria.

And we will continue to do so.

Because reaching higher is what we do best.

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